The recommended method to install Load MathJax, is simply using your target website marketplace page. However, if you wish not to use concrete5 internal feature, you can follow the next instructions:

  1. Download the zip archive
  2. Uncompress the zip archive into your packages/ directory
  3. Visit your Add Functionality page (located at )
  4. Click on the Load MathJax Install button


  • Install the package
  • Add the Load MathJax attribute to the page you want to use math on
  • Enter your equations (between \(\) or $$ $$ or other mathml notations)
  • Publish the page
  • That's it !!

Advanced users

If you need, you can install a local version of MathJax by uncompressing the MathJax archive content in packages/gnt_mathjax/js/mathjax, see the README.txt for more info. But really running MathJax from their CDN is a lot more efficient and hassle free (depending on which country you target that is).

Now, if you really need to download the latest MathJax archive, you get it here

Visit the Dashboard page : Dashboard->System Settings->Environment -> MathJax Configuration  to setup your customized options.


This addon uses MathJaxa Javascript Library rendering mathematics formula onto the client browser. MathJax can use different mathematics syntaxes, the most common being TeX/LaTeX formatting. For instance the following formula :


Will display the Taylor Series formula, embedded into a text line, whereas :


Will display it in its own paragraph like this :


This addon is a free addon, and does not come with free support. If you have a problem, just post a support request, we will reply when we have some time to do so.