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The perfect module for presenting many locations on one map. Simple to configure and adapt to your own needs.
Review posted by columbiatools on at

Amazing Customer Service

We purchased this add-on and to be honest we have little knowledge about coding/building websites, etc. But this map is so easy to install and use... absolutely user friendly. We needed a little help with making our site work with it and Ryan had AMAZING customer service. Helped us with everything we needed. I would give it 10 stars if I could!
Review posted by plschneide on at

Great and Flexible

I've a site that uses A LOT of maps and needed one with more advanced capabilities than the out of the box map features. Location Maps not only gave me all the advanced functions I needed, the support has been great and due to the simple and logical way the data was stored in the back end it made it very easy for me to write custom integration scripts for data feeds as well. (Much easier than the previous scripts I had written for an older map plugin.)

Just really tremendous job! Save yourself time/money and get this plugin.
Review posted by eldios on at

Pretty cool!

This works perfect, and was all I needed!
Thank you!

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by Juanito12 on at

Excellent Add-on / Excelente Complemento

No more simple default Google map in my site, I was looking to customize my maps in a different way, locations with diferent markers and display the information that I wanted , with this add-on I did it.
Easy to use, well documented, great attention from the author, highly recommended.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by anete on at

Fantastic Add-On

A very well thought out add-on which makes creating custom popups on a map very easy. Thanks Ryan you are a great asset to the C5 community.
Review posted by cotiwan on at

Awesome Add-on

Location Map is an outstanding add-on. If you are looking for a way to really add that next level of style and function to the standard Google Maps block you cannot do better than this. Mesuva once again hits it out of the park with exceptional detail and functionality. Watch the video to see how impressive it is.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by recomdesign on at

Awesome location add-on

We are currently working on a project for a client who has 14 different locations.
This add-ons gives us the possibility to easily display all of the 14 locations in one map with plenty of information and clean theming options.

1. Awesomeness
2. Easy installation and configuration
3. Great features
4. Everybody can use this add-on
5. More awesomeness
Review posted by banditetr on at


1. The Add on is excellent
2. Service: excellent - the response is very quick for every question

Very nice work of a professional that knows what he is doing

Keep it nice keep it simple

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