What does this block do?

This block adds a login block to your page.
This block does allow you to login to your site from every page, by using the default concrete5 login.

basic function:

<login block> --> posting login details to /login --> /login will handle the login using the default (concrete) authentication type.


My block shows me a login form while logged in

Yes, this is correct.
The block will show you a login form when you are logged in, and can edit the page.
Normal logged in visitors of the page will not see the login block. Only a logout link.

We do show the block so you can find it again. When editing the page.
You can disable this by adding a custom template and changing line 8 from the template:

if (!$user->checkLogin() || $cp->canWrite()) {?>
if (!$user->checkLogin()) {?>


If you want to remove the logout link, simply create a template without lines 27 - 39