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Uber List and Magic Data Developer are now released.

Coming soon (currently in the PRB) is Uber List. This is a Magic Data powered list that, to quote @enlil (who has been involved in the review) "blows other page lists out of the water".


Uber List is not just about listing pages, you can use it to list absolutely anything. From the marketplace Page:
Uber List is the ultimately flexible list block. Just one list capable of listing anything you want to list and formatting it however you like:

- Pages.
- Users.
- Files.
- Products.
- Anything there is a Magic Data symbol for.

Create, filter and order a list of items using a Magic Data expression. Then show the listed items using a stack as a template, adapting the template to each item with snippets of Magic Data. The listed items can optionally be formatted by wrapping them in any content block template.

You can see Uber List in action on my own http://www.c5magic.co.uk site which has been completely re-worked to use Uber List for virtually any list on the site, including concrete5.org marketplace integration via Magic Data Developer http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/magic-data-developer/... (also currently in the PRB)

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