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Here are a few common mistakes/misunderstandings when configuring Magic heading to parse for the metadata and content descriptions.

a) Magic Heading creates the description when the page is viewed, then uses the description in the metadata next time the page is viewed. So you won't see any metadata description from Magic Heading the first time you view a page after adding Magic Heading.

b) Magic Heading will only parse content after the position of the Magic Heading block on the page, so don't add it at the bottom of the page. Add it above the content you want to do the magic on.

c) By default, Magic Heading blocks are created with 'Do not overwrite existing descriptions' checked. If you want existing descriptions to be updated and magic heading to do its magic to keep them updated, this must be cleared.

d) The throttle setting works by randomly proceeding or dropping Magic heading processing. If an initial description is not being created/updated, increase the throttle setting to 100%. Then reduce the throttle setting once your site is live and the content stable.

e) By default, Magic Heading excludes any text before the '#body' element (see 'Exclude before' on the metadata tab). However, some themes use other id's for the main part of the page such as '#content'.

(see the 'under the hood' section of the documentation)

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
With respect to (c) above:

(c) Look for is a checkbox towards the bottom of the Metadata and Descriptions tab of the edit dialog. It has the title "Do not overwrite existing descriptions".
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
With respect to (e) above:

(e) "Exclude Before" must have a valid selector for an element on your page. Leaving it empty means that the condition will never be met, and the whole page excluded!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Again with respect to (e) above:

This is also addressed in
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Again with respect to (e), to check what selector to use for the 'Exclude Before' setting,look at the structure of your page in the Developer Console - (final section).

(This describes the process for Chrome, other browsers will be different)
On the web page where you have added a magic heading, right click on the part of the page where you want Magic Heading to start searching for metadata. Select 'Inspect Element'.

Look about the document structure involved and find a 'div' element that has an id="" that is before where you want Magic Heading to do its magic.

What you will need to use for the 'Exclude Before' setting is the content of that attribute with a '#' in front.

So if the element is <div id="main">, then you would set 'Exclude Before' to '#main'.

If you are familiar with jQuery or css selectors, these selectors work in the same way, so you can be extremely specific with complex selectors.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Please note, "Do not overwrite existing descriptions" is checked by default. This is a safety measure to guard new users from making a mess of their description metadata while setting up the selectors for Magic Heading.

For Magic Heading to update and continue updating a description this needs to be cleared.

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