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I am using this add on over 2 sites.. 1 I have working fine...
The other I cannot seem to get the Exclude before to work with any part of the site.. Does it look for a specific tag to match the text with?

The site


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This is also covered by a support request, repeated here for convenience:

Exclude before needs a selector, otherwise the condition will never be met. Looking at your home page, I would start by specifying '#main', as that seems to be the main content area of the page (even though the magic heading block itself is below this).

Magic heading will also never catch anything before the actual magic heading block itself. Looking at the Developer Console, the hidden diagnostic is above the CTA blocks, so Magic Heading is probably in a good place.

(As an aside, if you want an automated heading later, then you can put a 'no heading' magic heading before the part of the page you want to catch, then a muggle heading where you want to show an automated heading)

You also have a lot of content in lists, so perhaps you need to tick the checkboxes to capture more than just 'p' elements.

If those hints don't set you on the right track, please attach a screenshot of the Metadata and Description tab and I will investigate in more detail.

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