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Hi, I really like the options, that your plugin offers, but I still have one question.
I have tabs, that need to have custom blocks in them. Can I put custom blocks in magic tabs? If the answer is yes I will buy the plugin today :)

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can put almost any block inside a tab, including those generated with designer content and block designer.

The only blocks you need to be careful about are those with complex JavaScript involved in the rendering that does not render correctly if hidden when the JavaScript executes (for example, some slider and map scripts need to have a size to render into).

If complex JavaScript is a concern, you can create a test page for any block, add 'display:none' to the block using the 'design and custom format' menu, load the page, then use the developer console to remove the display:none. If a block's JavaScript renders correctly after such a test, it will also render correctly in Magic Tabs.

Even then, there are ways round this for problem JavaScript by delaying the rendering until the block becomes visible - for example, the core maps block will work inside Magic Tabs.
lutsifer replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the fast reply, I have one more question - I can use more than one tab block (like two or 3 times) on the same page, without any conflicts? Correct?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes. Magic Tabs can have multiple sets of tabs on a page, or even sets of tabs nested within other tabs. Magic Tabs blocks can be copy/pasted through the c5 clipboard. A tab can also have any number of blocks within the tab.

You can see examples of all of these variations in the documentation pages beneath
lutsifer replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks :)

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