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Magic Toggle contains many similarities to Magic Tabs These two blocks share much underlying code.

The main difference is that Magic Tabs provides a single type of interface - tabbing between groups of blocks - in a self contained system.

Magic Toggle provides equally simple toggling and paging behaviours, achieving this additional flexibility by moving some of the jQuery behaviour into the individual Magic Toggle templates.

For most users, this is completely irrelevant because all they want to do is add toggling or paging between groups of blocks. They don't care about what is going on inside.

However, by exposing this interface, Magic Toggle provides a platform upon which script developers can create other interfaces to the underlying toggling mechanism.

Maybe you want to remote control what toggled content is shown from a navigation menu - with a little custom development you could do things like that with Magic Toggle.

In theory, you could even implement a tabbed interface to Magic Toggle, but in that particular case most users would find it much easier to just use Magic Tabs.

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indydio replied on at Permalink Reply
Can Magic Tabs and Magic Toggle be used together in the same page? I am using 3 sets of tabs on one page and for one or two of the tabs, it would be helpful to do an accordion style interface to keep the content pane shorter.

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Magic toggle will work within magic tabs, provided each set of toggled blocks is fully contained within a single tab. A set of toggled blocks will also work when ajax loaded (using blocks by ajax) as a stack within a tab as long as it is in the Main area of a page.

However, you cant currently have tabs within tabs, or toggles within toggles, or tabs within toggles within tabs. Nesting is limited to just toggles within tabs. Indefinite nesting is something I have some ideas about and may implement in later versions of both blocks.

Magic toggle does not include an accordion behaviour, just provides the hooks so you could implement an accordion having used Magic toggle to wrap up groups of blocks. Currently bundled behaviours are on hover and on clicking a remote control link.

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