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Is there a way to display all the lists to which they can register, but have the boxes unchecked by default?
I didn't see it in any of the options, I don't think, so maybe this is a feature request.
Excellent tool so far, I'm heading over to give it some stars.

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
there isn't current a way to do this through the interface, but you can easily do it by overriding that block's view.

first, copy the view from /packages/tony_mailing_list/blocks/tony_mailing_list/view.php to /blocks/tony_mailing_list/view.php,

then around line 94, remove !$_REQUEST['mailing_list_subscribe'] ||

so that line looks like:

<input id="mailingListGroup_<?=intval($bID) ?>_<?=intval($gID) ?>" name="subscribeGIDs[]" type="checkbox" value="<?=intval($gID) ?>" <?= (in_array( intval($gID), $subscribeGIDs)) ? 'checked="checked"' : '' ?> />

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