Advanced Tips:

To create your own custom skin, locate the css/skins/custom.css file. Copy the file contents and paste it in your site theme CSS file. It is recommended that you delete the contents of that custom.css file so it doesn't interfere with your custom theme. This also means if you update the add-on in the future, it won't overwrite your customisations.

The built-in search tool will send the user to the following page: /search/search-results
If you have modified (or deleted) the default search results page that ships with Concrete5, you can easily add it back in. Then you just need to add the "Search" block to that page. 

If you would like to format the current page (or current page path), there are 2 built-in CSS classes you can use in your site's CSS file: "nav-selected" and "nav-path-selected". The "nav-selected" class is added to the current page you're viewing on the website. The "nav-path-selected" is added to each parent page above the current page you're viewing. These classes are added to BOTH the "li" and "a" elements so you can style them independantly. Here's an example of what to add to your site's CSS file:

.mega-menu a.nav-selected{

NEW IN v1.0.4:

DEVELOPERS: You can now pull in almost any content from your Scrabook and place it BEFORE or AFTER any menu element. Just edit the view.php file (or create your own custom block template). Commented code found in view.php. But here's an example:

$outputjs .= $controller->getBlockFromScrapbookAfter('.pid-5','myscrapbookitem');

"pid-5" is the class for a specific UL tag in the Mega Menu.
"myscrapbookitem" is the name of an example item in the global scrapbook (or Stack in 5.5.x).


Q: I just wondered if you could advise whether this would still work on mobiles and tablets please and if the sub-menu would just drop in below the main top level page name?
A: As of now the Mega Menu Vertical version does not have a responsive option yet and does not make the sub-pages fall below its parent pages, it is still in our roadmap. However our Horizontal version achieves this. 

Q: Can I display the drop-down menu on the left side of the menu rather than the right?
A: Yes! As of v.1.1.4 you can control the position of the submenu on either the RIGHT or LEFT side of the main menu.

Q: Can I wrap content around the right side of the menu?
Y: Yes, just set the alignment option in the editor interface.


Need support?

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Response Times:

We generally respond to all support enquiries within 1 business day (often within a few hours). I stand behind all my Concrete5 add-ons & themes and want to ensure you have complete satisfaction. Please note, there are some occasions where I'll be away from my computer for a longer period (such as Xmas holidays), but I will always post news about this on Twitter so you can stay up-to-date.