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Hi there. Please could you tell me how to remove the border/shadow from the slider plug-in. Small capture attached - you will see the soft shadow all around and border at top. I have checked Div size etc - but still stuck!


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Johnny4x replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello! Was really hoping for a reply. I know the plug-in doesn't cost much, bit just a tiny bit customer service would be nice - maybe its a really simple question and no one thinks its worth answering .. please do!

Hey ho!

sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John,

Sorry for the delay.
That's just a css things : go to default.css and remove the shadow from .theme-default .nivoSlider {}

Let me know
Johnny4x replied on at Permalink Reply
arrg!! I knew it would be simple! Thank-you very much for getting back. For what its worth - plug-in is great!


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