Window is too wide on responsive screen for mobile devices

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Hi ---

Works great... EXCEPT.... on mobile devices, in portrait orientation, the opt-in dialog is too wide... so the close button is not visible or accessible on-screen.

Can you provide some guidance on how we could edit the CSS to make the box smaller -- ideally only in a responsive scenario, but if not, in general all the time?


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ConcreteConversion replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, I'm happy to say that we have just released an update of Opt-In (0.9.16) that makes all the popup dialogs responsive, so hopefully everything will be fine from now on. :)

Best regards,
gojukarate replied on at Permalink Reply
Tested, this and works PERFECTLY.

Kudos to the developer -- nice job!
ConcreteConversion replied on at Permalink Reply
I'll pass that on to him, thanks for testing! :)

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