Responsive: Works in all major browsers and devices
CSS3 Animation: Uses latest standards of CSS3
Lightweight: It's only 25K, include js & CSS files.
Slider generator at Dashboard
Theme Switcher
Add Header/Description/Link (External, Internal) for every slide
Image Size: Width And Height
Slider Background image
Background Increment: Increment the background position (parallax effect) when sliding
Auto Play
Stop On Hover: Stop autoplay while hovering
Current Slide: Index of the current slide, start from 0.
Direction Nav: Next & Prev Navigation on/off
Control Nav: 1,2,3...(dots) Navigation on/off
Slider Height
Slider Bg Color
Elements Top: Elements distance from slider top.
Slider Controls Color: Controls Color affect Navigation and Next/Prev buttons focus color
Header Font/Bg Color/Bg Opacity
Description Font/Bg Color/Bg Opacity
Button Font/Bg Color/Bg Opacity