Can Pop-Up be set to screen percentage for Vimeo videos?

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Can the pop-up be set to achieve a percentage of screen (width=90%, height =80% for example) when putting video into the resulting page?

I currently use "Fancy Image Links - 1.3.8" which works a treat BUT clashes badly with "Fluid Gallery - 2.6" when I have both items on one page (which I need to do on a daily basis!)

So if I can use "Pop-up Pro" for the Galleries & Videos in a Fancy Box styles popup you will have yet another happy customer.

I purchased "Country Redirect" a couple of weeks back - it shot Googlebot to my USA redirect site (bummer); but hey it certainly worked a treat!

I have just changed employers and bought C5 with me. There are 2 of us in this business; we work for the Australian V-Twin distributor "Rollies Speed Shop".

We are rebuilding all their websites (+Product sites from ALL manufacturers that we sell on behalf of); so long term we will need "Pop-up Pro" on every install!

Grateful for any suggestions you may have;

Regards - Ian Wilks

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ian,

As of now this feature isn't available in Popup Pro. However, it supports responsive web designs. We can also offer paid customisations I'm guessing this would take 3 hours @ $90/hr.

rollies replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JZ;

So how does that work - we pay you for the mods; then do we have the ongoing use of this or are we limited to just this one license?

It may seem like a dumb question; however I really do like the add-on and I can see we would use it often on every new web site.

Would it also be possible for this add-on to create a thumbnail for each image from a set - or is that another add-on all together?

Thanks for your prompt response;

cheers - Ian
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ian,

Sorry for the delay we are usually off on weekends. We can include this as a new feature in the future release. With that as you pay for the modification we can give you a number of licenses most likely 100+ depends on what is approved by our director.

Regarding the thumbnails that would be a new feature so that would be a different quotation. However we have an example of maybe similar effect on our demo page here also we have an add-on that might resemble your requirement

Hope that helps.


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