Version History

2.1 - updated ui for 5.5
    - made the v3 map object available in the global javascript scope window.ccm_gpMaps

2.0.1 - fixed bug where zoom level was not honored if it was set above 17 - now allows up to 21

2.0 - optionally uses google v3 api, optionally show/hide kml link, uses specified zoom level if kml doesn't specify <lookat> parameter
    - Inserts javascript once in header, not inline

1.1.1 - Fix file error message when editing block, downloading KML file.

1.1 - Fix the file API, version 5.3 now required

1.0.1 - Replace direct json_encode call with a call to the concrete5 JSONHelper, which should ensure that older systems without json_encode can use the gallery block.

1.0 - Initial Release