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Been enjoying using proforms plugin, found it a really useful and has saved me a lot of time when creating forms.

though as i've been using proforms had a few small errors while using a temp url which i thought i should share.

1. in the search page controller where proforms_item.ui.js is added it doesn't allow for a temp url.

2. in the search results, the "export these results" bit of onclick javascript also had the same issue.

Also for some reason the HR tag question isn't displaying on the form. though does work in the preview, it's not a huge issue as it's just a bit of styling.

And one more question is there anyway to sort the submissions by the ProformsItemDate so it's in the actual table, so it also gets exported to the csv file?

Many thanks

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. I am working on version 2 right now. It adds a number of new and exciting features like:

- preset search headers by form

- a new "conditions" option when setting up questions that make them dependent on the interaction of any other question

- cleaner form view

- minor bug fixes

I will look into these other things you mention here before pushing this week and make sure those get looked at.

Thanks for the feedback.


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