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I have a client whose forms are built in "extended form" and their new staff person is unhappy with downloading the form results into a long excel document.

They have a patient registration form that is rather long. they need:

1) to receive an alert a form was filled out, but NOT send the form results to them.
2) log in and download a printable version of the form, not an excel document with all fields and results horizontally displayed in 1 row.

does this ProForm tool do these 2 things?

thank you

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
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mobsmarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
any word on these questions? client is chomping at bit to get solution in place. want to use yours, but need to make sure it meets 2 client requests first. - thx,
kspitzley replied on at Permalink Reply
Just thought I'd chime in here - I am using this add on and there is a biult-in way to simply send a notification email without the form fields included. I have also created a custom template that creates a nice table-based form with the form fields for printing out a 1-page view of an individual form. I also employ the "print my page" add on to accomplish this. I am able to get to this printable form view by redirecting the user to a page after submittig a form and passing the form ID through (all built in to the add on). I am now working on a way for users to log back in and view a list of their submitted forms, and be able to click on a submittal and be directed to the printable form view.

In short, this is all possible - most is built in, but the printable form view requires some custom templating.
mobsmarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for your comments. the form that is being printed is a patient registration form for a dentist. only want to print it from the admin panel, not at the client time of filling out.

i've also tried to set up the form options to get just an alert that the form was filled out, but NOT receive the form fields...this feature does not work with my installation (entire form is sent, no matter how the settings are done). since some of the questions are sensitive nature, none of that info should be sent via email, only downloaded and printed by the dentist's office manager.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
@kspitzley nailed it here.

That's the tough spot I a in here. I see these posts and want to help. But sometimes that means going through and explaining a lot of basic core concepts like custom views and root overrides and single pages.

ProForms is designed entirely around extension. It's meant to add all sorts of other concepts on top of it. Namely single pages and custom views.

The addon is powerful, but simple enough and flexible enough to handle anything from the most simple form to full scale process applications for dentists.

But if you are not well versed in more advanced C5 concepts, you should pay a developer to help you.

We see so many users wanting the application to do "magic"...and it basically can if you are versed enough to extend it. But sadly I can't help the many users we have using this build it out. I just unfortunately do not have that kind of time. :-(

So, if you wanting to do X and hitting a wall...then go study up on C5 single pages and custom block views, and perhaps even custom attribute types.

Just knowing those will get you to where you can basically do whatever you want with ProForms.

Or hire a developer :-)

kspitzley replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, I don't know why the simple email notification isn't working. It shouldn't as long as "Advanced Notification" isn't checked in the setting on your display block. And of course you can create a totally custom email notification to the user using the Auto Responder element.

As for only allowing administrators to view and print those forms, you could simply set up a restricted page that contains a Proforms List block on it. You could create a custom template for that list block that will let administrators go to a page that also has a custom templated Proforms Display block on it. This way only admins would be able to print those firms, they just wouldn't be accessible to anyone else.

I am currently trying to figure out how to get my custom template for the List block to work using the encrypted IDs, but as soon as I do I am happy to share the code with you.

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