How to add a checkbox question?

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I want to add 'tick if it applys' questions to the form. the plugin does not seems to have the option. I tried using Boolean, but there is a string length limit.

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if you need just one checkbox, use the boolean. If you need multiple checkboxes, use the select question type and make sure that "allow multiple" is selected when creating it.

craigrundle replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, ChadStrat. Thanks for your reply. I tried both of them. They both have a string length limit. I need to enter a block of text. (I have a few different agreements, with tick the applicable box. I also tried the agreement type, it has a yes checkbox at the bottom. How do I remove the yes and move the checkbox to the left of the my agreements?) Or is there any other questions with checkbox and have the option to enter via HTML/WYSIWYG editor?

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