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How do I exclude the ID and Date from the display list?

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contempchoral replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't know if you figured this out or not but I wanted to do the same thing so figured I would put the answer here for you or others who may want to do this. It really quite easy.

You need to create a template for the proforms_list. Create a new folder in /blocks called proforms_list then inside that create a folder called templates. Should end with something like this: /blocks/profroms_list/templates. You then make a copy of /packages/proforms/blocks/proforms_list/view.php in the newly created templates directory and rename it to something like my_list.php. Note: that whatever you name the file is how it is going to show up in the list of custom templates later.

Now open up that file and around line 51-53 you are going to see a <th> container that has the code for the ID# column header. Look for "ProformsItemID".
<th class="<?php    echo $pl->getSearchResultsClass('ProformsItemID')?>">
            <a href="<?php    echo $pl->getSortByURL('ProformsItemID', 'asc', $bu)?>"><?php    echo t('ID#')?></a>
Delete that from the table. Now below that around line 79 (before you make the above edit) You are going to see
<td><?php echo $noO->getProformsItemID()?></td>
remove that. Save the file and if you where doing this locally make sure and upload to your server.

Now after you add a ProForms List block you'll be able to choose this new Custom Template to use! Remember it is going to show up how ever you named it. i.e. My List.

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