Is it possible to pass through a variable from a query string?

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I'd like to pass a variable (or two) into a ProForm from a query string and have it show up in the "success" query string along with ?proforms_entry=success.

Is this possible?

I feel like I've seen it somewhere but can't figure it out or find a resource to help.

I'm working on a system to make a person fill out a form before they can download any file in a protected fileset.

Thanks for your help!

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kirkroberts replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually, being able to get any unique identifier in the query string after a successful form submission would be great, so it's easy to tell WHICH ProForm has been submitted. It would be nice if this could be a hidden form value, but something like the block ID would probably be fine, too. I want to be able to do stuff outside of the block view depending on if the form has been submitted successfully. Perhaps I'm overlooking an obvious approach to do that?

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