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Feature Request:

Form is completed by Joe Bloggs. In the form he enters his email address as [email protected]

The form is sent TO: <nominated email address e.g. a staff member>.

When the form is received by email, I would like it to appear FROM [email protected]

I would like it to do this so staff member can just hit Reply to email Joe Bloggs.


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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there, this is an auto-responder to let you know that your support request has been forwarded to our entire team at RadiantWeb.

Support tickets are reviewed Mondays thru Fridays 9am to 9pm & Saturdays 9am to 12pm EST. A support team member will be following up with you as soon as possible.

TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
I would love this option as well. Can we simply modify the template?

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