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Hi Chad,

I would like a refund for the "Support Ticket" ONLY, ...NOT the actual ProForms add-on please?

This is quite simply because I haven't received any support, or even a single reply to either of my support requests and I have now resolved both my issues myself and have no need of the paid-for support ticket at the moment.

Thank you

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thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Not sure how to formally request a refund for the "$35 Support Ticket" ONLY without accidentally asking for a refund for the whole add-on, which is NOT what I want?

Appreciate it if you could please advise?

Thank you
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
hmmm... I don't know honestly. I think Franz will have to do this.

thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you Chad, will do. Appreciate the reply.

Cheers bud

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