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I have a form that will register a user and I keep getting an error upon submission:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at *root*/packages/proforms/models/attribute/types/register_user/controller.php:23) in *root*/concrete/core/libraries/controller.php on line 433

It doesn't hinder the creation of the user account because the new user shows up in the Dashboard.

register_user/controller.php line 23
print Loader::helper('form')->hidden($this->field('value'), 2);

concrete/core/libraries/controller.php line 433
header('Location: '.$url);

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
looks like you just need to uncheck the "Yes. Form Entries can only be registered by checkbox via backend." in the questions settings. I actually forgot that was there. That's a mistake. We had that option at first but then changed it because the user registration should really just follow the sitewide registration settings. So we got rid of it..(or so I thought.) So I will remove that option now. But you can just go make sure that it's unchecked and that should fix it.

FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
So that means users who register through this form will be instantly approved, correct?

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