Will this work on Concrete5 v8.5.1?

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Will this work on Concrete5 v8.5.1? Trying to add Google Translate script and it breaks the edit mode. Thanks in advance.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there, apologies for the delayed reply,

yes, this add-on works in 8.5.1 - I've given it a quick test in case anything has changed recently and it all worked as expected.

Adding Google Translate is a very good example of why I built this add-on, it's designed to allow you to add scripts and other content that may break editing, but in a way that only outputs the scripts when you aren't logged in as an editor. I've used it myself several times on projects where I'm given a third-party script that is horribly written but I've still had to embed it.

cfsdwebadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Works like a charm. Ordered 11 licenses for our projects :)

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Core Version - 8.5.1
Version Installed - 8.5.1
Database Version - 20190301133300

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