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Review posted by FergusByrne on at

Add On Scrolling

Worked very well
Review posted by weiala on at

Great Addon!

Saved me tons of time and trouble and when I needed help and support - being a newbie - got everything I needed. Thanks again for the great work!
Review posted by ChrisConcrete on at

Works for me

Saves valuable space. Simple to set up. Works on the iphone! Good support.
Review posted by mirjamk on at

Great Add-on!

Simple to implement. Very nice and highly customizable. Also hides the scroller when the content is shorter than the textbox.
Review posted by ianj on at

A Perfect Solution

My client needed a site with a fixed width and fixed height website design. Being a dynamic e-commerce site the product search results needed to be displayed in an effective manner in the allocated space. The Scrollbar add-on was the perfect solution to the problem. Easy to implement and cross-browser compatible the add-on integrated perfectly into the design. The ability to scroll a designated class was a particularly good feature. This is a great use of jquery technology and works perfectly with C5.

Thoroughly recommended.

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