Questions & Answers

Where to find the Add-On after installation?
Login to your concrete5 website and go to the dashboard. Go to “Pages & Themes” – “Single Pages” – “Single Page Designer” (or /index.php/dashboard/pages/single/single_page_designer in your address bar).

I’ve got a message saying “Directory application/single_pages is not writable.” – what do I do?
Give proper permissions (write) to this directory (the directory mentioned in the message). Also do the same for the /controllers (/application/controllers or if you are installing within a package, the controllers directory for that specific package if exists). Preferably for all sub directories within both of these, in case you are creating pages that are levels deeper into your sitemap.

How to add multiple Single Pages?
Click the “Add Single Page” button on the “Single Page Designer” dashboard page.

How to remove Single Pages?
Click the remove (x) button behind a single page on the “Single Page Designer” dashboard page. Do you want to remove the Single Page completely from your website? Navigate to your dashboard, click “Sitemap” and check the “Include System Pages in Sitemap” checkbox. Find your single page, click it and hit “Delete” in the menu that pops up. Your controller and view files will still be on your server/FTP though, so you’d have to remove those manually. Also, empty your trash if you don’t want them to remain in the trash!

How to make a “Dashboard” Single Page?
Just prepend the URL field with “dashboard/”, and you’re good to go. An example could be “dashboard/my_page”. You can also create ones that are located deeper, like “dashboard/my_page/sub_page”. Go try it!

What’s the use of the “Package” field?
This way you can install the Single Page within a package, where the files go into /packages/your_package_handle and eventually also uninstall with the package once you chose to uninstall the package. It brings more order in your concrete5 installation. Putting everything under /application (which happens if you don’t chose a package), is more or less more frustrating to know where stuff is really happening. I myself use /application 99% of the time only for overrides of already existing things (themes/block templates/single pages etc.).

Can you do any more magic with this Add-On?
“Sadly”, no. It’s all about Single Pages. If you want to create Block Types, use Block Designer. You want to create Packages? Use Package Designer. Want to create themes? Use Theme Designer. As things get way too complicated to manage all through one single Add-On, this all gets split up. And probably not everyone needs all these possibilities anyways.

Yes please. Get me some cappuccino while you’re at it, the Single Pages are done and installed after pushing the “Create Single Pages” button though – no coffee involved here.

Tested with concrete5 version and higher. So this also works with 8.x! Any versions below (including 5.6.x) will not work.