Font color and wierd dot in slider overlay

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I have a couple issues right now and hope someone can help.

Attached is a png file showing what I'm having trouble with.

Font color: I can select a background color of the overlay with no trouble but no matter what i put in for the font color is always this gray color.

Link in text: found a way to add a link in the text by adding the following code in my description of the art file
<a href="" target="blank">link to a web site...</a> but doesn't seem to accept a style? used the <span class="mystlye">

Dot at far left bottom of images: see photo I circled it in red. Not sure is it's a dot or arrow, when i select it and delete it, it deletes everything an i have to start all over. It shows up no matter what i in, edit or preview. Maybe something in the style i can change.

Appreciate any help.


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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Maggie,
The first and last issues are caused because your theme is overriding the slider.

1) your theme must be overriding this. If you can supply a URL where you've used this block I can look at your theme's CSS and what's causing the problem.

2) no, since the overlay is generated using a span tag, it's possible it's clashing. You'd be better off to use the strong tag instead.

3) the bullet is caused by the template. Each slide is a bullet point list, and the CSS in the slider hides the bullets. However your theme is causing it to be shown again.

Hope this helps.


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MaggieSeekings replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JB,

Here is the url with the slider.

I was hoping to use one of my styles i setup for links. One of the photos has a link and you can see it (picture with the trees) in the description of the photo the link is a dark blue and rollover is a very light, can't seem to find out how it picked that one up and where is it so i can change to one the is more readable.

Appreciate all your help, my client is getting a little fustrated that this is taking so long.

jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Maggie,
I realised there may be one other thing affecting the style within the image description. Please try using single quotation marks instead of double quotation marks (') instead of (").

I've looked at the development site, and here's the offending lines in the CSS file:

style.css: line 428 - remove "list-style-type"
style.css: line 426 - remove "padding-left"
style.css: line 418 - remove colour

Here's a screenshot once I've changed those things:

Hope this helps.

MaggieSeekings replied on at Permalink Reply
How JB you are the best.

Still trying to figure out how to get a link in the description to have a specific color and rollover effects.

Thanks again, i'll let you know if i figure out the links.


PS How does this information get back to the creator so anyone new adding this on doesn't go through this also.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Maggie,
I'm the creator of this add-on, so I'll know if anyone else has the same issue.
It just requires a good understanding of CSS to make the type of changes you wish. Due to the nature of HTML/CSS, and getting different components from different suppliers (such as the theme and then different add-ons), it's possible a theme with some sloppy CSS code will clash with an add-on (such as the Slider Overlay). So it's just about making the theme behave nicely.

If you want to style the link within the description you can create a class in your CSS file like this:

.sliderind span strong a{
MaggieSeekings replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JB,

Well I've learned a lot in concrete5 building this website and with all that
I'm still having an issue with the bullet next to the image.

If I change the code in the style (below) as you suggested then I have no
bullets throughout the entire site?

Not really a solution.

Is there a way to change you code (style sheet) so I can get both results.

No bullet by image, but bullets throughout my site.

Appreciate anything you can do. Just frustrating and there's nothing else
out there like this.

Maggie Seekings

MS Graphics and Web Inc.
6181 Edwards Court
Carpentersville, IL 60110
cell: 224-622-4707
phone/fax: 847-428-6777

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Maggie,
I can see you've adjusted your CSS (line 450 of style.css). In the world of CSS there are precedences, so it seems that the "more global" styling is overriding. Here's a screenshot:
The quick-and-dirty solution is to edit the slider.css file (on line 1) and change:

list-style-type:none !important;

This will force this value to override line 450 in your style.css file and resolve the bullet issue.

Hope this helps.

MaggieSeekings replied on at Permalink Reply

On 3/3/12 2:41 AM, "concrete5 Community" <[email protected]>

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