Addon suggestion - "Stack Set" or "Stack Collection" ?

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Thanks for your very handy block. I have used it to randomly change a "quote" in my site sidebar, and it works perfectly.

I'd like to suggest another addon that you can create very similar to this one... a "Stack Set" or "Stack Collection" block. This addon would allow us to create a set/collection of stacks to display as a single block -- which has the added value of being able to add a Design or Custom Template to the whole selection of stacks.

Currently, c5 stacks are limited to containing various content blocks - you cannot current put a stack within a stack. So if I have 5 different sidebars I want to use in my site, and say various content that I want in some sidebars but not others, then I have to recreate that content multiple times across all the stacks.

But using your randomiser block, I was able to create a stack of randomised stacks within a stack. So I had the brainwave to use this same code to create Sets/Collections of stacks - which means the content can have a single source but be used in multiple stacks (in my case, sidebars).

So, I hacked a copy of our randomiser addon so that I can choose the stacks I want in the set, and then view.php displays all of them, instead of just a random one. It works fine, and is really handy that others may find it useful. I've attached my hacked together copy (I called it a Stack Block, but Stack Set/Collection may be a better name) so you can see how it works, but since you wrote the original, I thought you could recode it better. A feature I'd like to see added would be the ability to change the sort order of the stacks easily -- right now I have to delete them all and then re-add them if I need to change the order significantly.

Anyway - thanks again for the randomiser stack, and I hope you consider making the addon I suggested ;)


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