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Stick one here.

Stick one there.

Stick a sticker anywhere!

This simple block allows you to add an interactive sticker to your pages. When you move your mouse, it looks like you are peeling away a sticker!

Stickers will automatically be centered within any area, and images will auto-scale to fit within the sticker.

Using jquery and CSS animations, this is a fun way to add a little "spice" to your site!

You have 2 options:

  1. Display an image as a sticker
  2. Display a plain color sticker

Customization Options:

  • CSS rotation on image (ranges from -180 to 180 degrees)
  • Adjust size (ranges from 50px to 500px)
  • Choose any color
  • Choose any image

"Peeling" Directions

You can "peel" the sticker from top, bottom, left, or right. Try the demo to see it in action!

NOTE: This is released under the MIT license, so you are free to do whatever you want with it!

NOT supported on mobile devices!


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