Product name should be cutted

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When product name is longer than 255 characters which is more than Paytrail api allows, payment will fail.

Something like this should fix it:
$title = $p->getProductName();
$title = strlen($title) > 255 ? substr($title, 0, 252)."..." : $title;

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmm, not sure about that.

I just downloaded the latest version of core_commerce and in its db.xml the length of the prName column in the CoreCommerceProducts is 255 characters by maximum.

So, you shouldn't be able to even save product names longer than 255 characters.

I also tested this myself and I couldn't save a product name that is longer than 255 in the core_commerce add-on.

Best regards,
Antti Hukkanen
Mainio Tech Ltd.
codaone replied on at Permalink Reply
That is actually true. So this can be ignored.

We actually add extra stuff to the name and because of that it went over the character limit.

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