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I recently downloaded Superfish to add dropdown navigation to our website ( However, our site is designed to have our navigation in a colored bar (e.g. Does anyone know of a way to set the background color to clear so the navigation in white text will show over the colored bar as it currently does?

Any help would be great appreciated.



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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
You will probably have to modify the view template directly.

Create a directory named autonav in your local blocks/ directory, and copy packages/superfish/blocks/autonav/view.php to this directory, and open it and make changes to the code itself.

Then, open view.php and look for lines referencing <?php echo $controller->menuColor ?>. Change those CSS lines to use transparent instead of the color.
jmlitch99 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks andrew. I will give that a try.
plschneide replied on at Permalink Reply
To get a gradient in the menu background instead of just a color, I added the following lines to the CSS

changed - .sf-menu a to be

.sf-menu a {
border-left: 1px solid #fff;
border-top: 1px solid #CFDEFF;
padding: .6em 1em;
/*Changed first from .75 to .5 */

/* Paul Mod */
border: 0px none;
background-image: url(bluebar.png);
background-position:left top;

To make it easy on me I threw the image in the same folder as the CSS.
geek2009 replied on at Permalink Reply
I am looking to do the same thing, but am not having as much luck. I would like to have the first pages be transparent (a image is already behind them) and have all of the sub-pages use a color. How would I do this?
dekelly replied on at Permalink Reply
I did this by modifying view.php;

#sf-menu<?php   echo $bID?> .sf-menu li{background:none}
<?php    if(strlen($controller->menuColor)){ ?>
#sf-menu<?php   echo $bID?> .sf-menu li li{background-color:<?php   echo $controller->menuColor ?> !important}
<?php    } ?>
<?php    if(strlen($controller->menuColor)){ ?>
#sf-menu<?php   echo $bID?> .sf-menu li li li{background-color:<?php   echo $controller->menuColor ?> !important}
<?php    } ?>
geek2009 replied on at Permalink Reply
This worked perfect! Thanks a bunch!!
geek2009 replied on at Permalink Reply
What do I need to edit to change the color of the sub-pages? This did work for the first level though.
MattWaters replied on at Permalink Reply
Take a look at the code snippet above. The first level of li elements is set to background-color: none. Below are declarations for the nested li elements-- li li and li li li. These still refer to $controller to get their colors.

Modify 'em like in the first level (cut out the php chunk and replace it with background-color: none) and I think it'll work.
geek2009 replied on at Permalink Reply
It works!! Thank you!

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