Drop down doesn't work

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The arrow showing a drop down lights up but it does not drop?

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ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you post a link to a live site where this is happening, need a bit more info to be helpful.
vibraharmonics replied on at Permalink Reply
Odd, I had tried for an hour to get it working, then came back to it an hour after I posted the issue and it was working.

I have some other issues which I am not sure how to resolve with the menu.

1. Cannot adjust color behind Super Fish Nav Bar.

2. I cannot get 'sitemap' to come up on the nav bar as part of the folder 'about'.

Site ishttp://everythingvibrates.com
vibraharmonics replied on at Permalink Reply
Drop downs are not working again. urg!
vibraharmonics replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
After checking everything I discovered the problem. I moved the site map location into a sub-folder and that is what caused the problem.

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