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I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to make superfish also into a floating nav. I am having some difficulty coding it myself and was wondering if anyone had any tips.

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ryan replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
By a floating menu, I'm guessing you mean that it's fixed within the window so it always stays in the same place when the page scrolls.

In the attached screenshot, in the plain yogurt theme I set the headerNav div to have a fixed position at the top left corner of the page:

<?php ?>
#page #header #headerNav {

In the superfish options I set the menu to be vertical floated left and a fixed width of 130px
helllooodpr88 replied on at Permalink Reply

That worked just how I needed it too. Thanks for the helpful and quick reply.
ryan replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
No problem glad to help.
Hmm, I didn't even attach the screenshot - here it is in case anyone else stumbles upon this.

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