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Hi this is a great add on and has worked really well for me. I have it on my site where made 4 pages/thumbnails appear at a time and activated the pagination. But when someone clicks on next/previous it loads the entire page to show the next set of thumbnails. Is it possible to just make the block reload with the next set of thumbnails instead of the entire page.

Look forward to any response :)

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply

sry for the late reply.
Does it also load the entire page with a standard or no template?
If so, it relies on the pagelist block itself, if not, I will have a look at it asap.

agentorange replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ron

Not a problem, thanks for the response, I am not sure I explained myself properly

What I am looking for is

When the user clicks on next to view the next set of thumbnails the entire page must NOT refresh.

Almost as if the thumbnails move to the left or right

Would it be possible to do something like that?

I have manged to do some very messy coding to make it move using javascript but it is very buggy and I can see problems happening.

Otherwise your add-on is great, used it all over my site, cant believe it's free...

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