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Should we be able to move/copy/add pages in the sitemap tool? If so, there's still something I haven't done to provide adequate access, and we would like our editors to be able to perform these functions without entering the Dashboard. The way we have it now, our content editors can view the sitemap from the Quick Link sitemap tool, but not much else.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The sitemap quick link does not support any functionality other than navigation. That was a deliberate design decision made at the time I created this addon. It was intended as an aid to navigation and not as a substitute for the dashboard sitemap functionality.

I did briefly consider other functionality. However, my thinking soon became tangled in security violations and edge cases. For example: consistently resolving what would happen if you do anything with the page the sitemap popup is currently above; once given greater powers, access to those powers needs to be managed (which comes back to your question).

Hence I soon decided that limiting it to navigation was the most realistic approach to providing something useful.

If you wanted to change this behaviour, the place to start is line 31 of the quick_links model. Rather than the callback being to select the node, it could probably be changed to callback a menu popup. However, doing such a change without resolving the sort of thing I note above may lead you into a lot of trouble.
landollweb replied on at Permalink Reply
I thought that might be the case. I sure don't know how I would have sorted all that out, because at some point we will be only granting edit capabilities to certain accounts in certain areas of the site.

As always, thanks for the quick reply.

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