Version History

Always update Magic Data and Magic Data Symbols before updating this addon.

1.13 - php7 compatibility

1.12.9 - Changes to internal cacheing to get round ADODB limitations on big data.

1.12.7 - Enhancements to built in documentation.

1.12.6 - Optional caching of rendered list items. Optional cache jitter setting to add some randomness to when cached data expires. 

1.12.5 - Extended page list query building symbols for faster creation of complex lists. Includes selection criteria for partial paths, publication date and MySQl regex matching. New filter loops with limits and exclusions built in for effcient short-circuiting.

1.12.4 - Scope of recursion catching extended to loading of assets.

1.12.3 - Provides a global cache disable flag, useful during development of sites with many lists.

1.12.2 - Resolve issue where cache forever on a 64 bit system could overflow a mySQL integer. Cache forever is now 50 years rather than an absolute end of time.

1.12.1 - New symbols for caching subexpressions CACHE ... END_CACHE. List expressions are already cached by Ubewr List. Use these symbols to cache other heavy weight expressions.

1.12 - Extended in-database list sorting AND_SORT_BY and exclusion filtering AND_EXCLUDE (see built in documentation for deatils)

1.11.2 - Fix bug in expression select template symbol tester.

1.11.1 - Internal changes to list cache to support Magic Data powered select attribute released with Magic Data Templates.

1.11 - New template option that uses a Magic Data expression to select the actual template stack or HTML.

1.10.1 - Extended compatibility with stacks.

1.10 - Provides extended built-in documentation including hooks for Magic Data Developer documentation blocks.

1.9.3 - Extended context support to simplify listing data from Magic Data Forms and then filtering with Uber Filter.

1.9.2 - Resolve possible ambiguity between ADODB placeholders and php short tags. Only relevant if you have short tags enabled (Sorry, I forgot to include it in the previous update)

1.9.1 - Internal refactoring to remove code repeated from Magic Data.

1.9 - Extended list cache functionality for Uber Filter.

1.8.1 - Fix issue with zero pagination on dynamically paginated lists.

1.8 - Changes to dashboard page.

1.7 - New option to limit pagination controls shown for big lists with lots of pages.

1.6.3 - LIST_ALL_xxx_WITH_FILTER now supports filtering by owner. Masonry template discontinued - see forum post for details.

1.6.1 - Fix typo in upgrade method.

1.6 - New Uber List templates for core search block results.

1.5.1 - New symbol LIST_ALL_PAGES_OF_TYPE, integrates with AND_WITH_FILTER extensions.

1.5 - Extended capabilities of LIST_ALL_xxx_WITH_FILTER symbols for multiple filters. Extended list display with optional lazy loading settings for improved perceived speed of long list displays.

1.4 - More LIST_ALL symbols for users and files and refactoring of existing LIST_ALL symbols for pages.

1.3 - Minor internal changes to take advantage of recent updates to Magic Data. 

1.2 - Added LIST_ALL_PAGES_WITH_FILTER_CONTAINING symbol. For some tips on use see /magic-data/forums/pro-blog-integration.

1.1 - New direct HTML template. Improved cache for system pages. New fast LIST_ALL_PAGES_WITH_FILTER symbol. Requires Magic Data 2.5.1.

1.0 - Initaial release