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Is it possible to give each image in the carousel a link? I tried inserting link in the the "Put in Some Content" section of the images, but that doesn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
The "select a page" and some text makes a button that links. But I assume you're trying to make the image itself be a link... is that correct?
HeinoM replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, that's correct. I want each image to open a new window with an external link. I've got sponsor banner ads that I want ion the carousel and be clickable to their websites.

The select a page you mentioned only seems to give access to internal pages on my site.

Is this the wrong tool for that?

MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
I wouldn't say it's the "wrong" tool, as much as I would say it may not be ideal.

1. You could get the image to link to another internal page if you mess around with the view.php file. If you know how to edit the addon files directly, I can walk you through some edits.

2. You may be able to add external links to your sitemap and select those from the "select page". Can't remember/confirm this.

So the reason why I don't find this ideal is for sponsor banner ads, I'd want more information and potentially control over everything such as:
1. Click/view statistics
2. Options to remove the banner after so many clicks/views.
3. Ability to randomly/purposely show a different order (e.g. if an ad is hidden in the carousel, but they're paying the same price as those that are visible, then it's not a good place to be if it's not random/even)
HeinoM replied on at Permalink Reply
That's makes sense. I have not messed with php files yet, but I;m sure I could figure it out given time. That being said, the things you mentioned about tracking, etc., are what I would like, too. Is there an add-on for 5.7 that would help me do that? Seems like slim pickings in the 5.7 side of things.
MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, at the moment, there's nothing readily available. We've considered building something to fill that niche. It's just a time thing. If it's of interest to you, please email me at [email protected] If it were partially funded, maybe we could find some time easier.
HeinoM replied on at Permalink Reply
Will do. Thanks!
HMcCarthy replied on at Permalink Reply
HI there, I have this exact need for sponsors. Is there anything better suited yet? Thanks!

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