Basic settings

Specify the URL path where the screenshot should be captured. 

Full Page Capture
Capture a screenshot of the whole page. Screenshot height serves as limit in this case.

Screenshot Size
Set one of the predefined screenshot sizes.

Screenshot Width / Height
Specify a custom screenshot size in pixels. If one of the predefined sizes above is chosen, both these values are set automatically. 

Browser Width / Height
Customize the browser size at which the screenshot is captured - ideal for responsive designs.

Advanced settings

Customize the screenshot quality to improve page loading times. 

Output as PDF file
Download the screenshot as PDF file. This function is disabled when image linking is used. 

Remote Custom System Messages
Here you can set an URL path to a folder with your custom system messages. There have to be 8 different images for every resolution:

  • adult‐X.jpg (questionable content ‐ optional)
  • baddom‐X.jpg (broken or offlineURL)
  • banned‐X.jpg (user banned ‐ optional)
  • invalid‐X.jpg (invalid credentials or quota exceeded ‐ optional)
  • nothumb‐X.jpg (thumbnail queued)
  • problem‐X.jpg (problemdetected)
  • rlimit‐X.jpg (rate limitreached ‐ optional)
  • blank‐X.jpg (blank detected – optional)

X represents the size code:

  • mcr = Micro 75 x 57 px
  • tny = Tiny 90 x 68 px
  • vsm = Very Small 100 x 75 px
  • sm = Small 120 x 90 px
  • lg = Large 200 x 150 px
  • xlg = x-Large 320 x 240 px

Refresh On-Demand
The second option (no image delivered) saves bandwidth

Flash Delay
To specify wait after page load in seconds. Applies to pages containing Flash and starts once loaded.

Image settings

Title / Alt attributes
Improve your site accessibility with proper usage of title and alt attributes.

Image Width / Height
Set screenshot image size independently from its real resolution.

Image Links to
Link screenshot image to an external or one of the internal pages.