New Features in ZBS v1.9

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The main exciting new feature in ZBS 1.9 is that the cost basis selection available and the order it is shown in is now fully configurable.

This is not something you want to change on a live set of shipping rules, so the configuration is via constants in config/site.php. Details are given in the ZBS documentation.

First, there is a constant to simply remove specific cost basis from ZBS. This can be used to de-clutter the display to simply remove any cost basis you decide you will never need. When rule sets get longer with multiple cost basis in use, it can also help to speed up the JavaScript processing of the cost rules table.

Second, there is a constant that (when set) specifies the list of cost basis you want included and the order they are included in (so there is some functionality overlap with the above). Here you have to specify what you want, anything left out will be left out of the ZBS dashboard page.

By changing the cost basis column order, you also change the order in which the cost rules are evaluated. Cost rules are evaluated left to right. So by default, weight is always evaluated before dimensions, which are evaluated before modifiers etc... . By changing the column order, you implicitly change the order in which evaluation is made. For example, maybe you want to evaluate rules by value, then dimensions, then weight. Now you can !

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