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Hey John,

Thanks again for entertaining my question.

I realize, and agree with, the complexity of both of those wants simultaneously.

Ideally I think it'd be great if within a product's properties, under Shipping it wasn't just 'Require Shipping', rather, let you choose which of your installed/ activated shipping methods to use. I will be tearing apart a bit of this in the coming days and may even request the feature from the C5 team. We'll see…

In the mean time I've come up with this:

Product A: Pull the choice of wether to offer flat rate shipping ($25) or pickup (free) out of the shipping altogether and make it a user-selectable (price adjusting) "Option".

Product B: Use tiers as normal.

To make sure that Addresses are still being capture for product A I think I may abuse the system a bit and tie Prod B to a weight calculation, just as a way to count Prod B while Prod A fails to be counted at all.

Thanks again John for your time.




EDIT: Or just make zone_shipping_measure attribute of "Is T-Shirt" to flag and count the tiered items…

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
For others coming to this discussion, it is a continuation from

Using the measure as a flag, you need to bear in mind that ZBS treats this as a numeric measure for cost basis and can either sum the values, or take the maximum. If T-shirt was 1 and everything else 0, you could use the excess shipping rates for a simple $x per shirt.
canvasdreams replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks John.

That's exactly what I plan to do. That way I can tier it (using maximum), and let everything else fall into generic flat-rate.


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