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The shipping country multi-select is common across all shipping modules. eCommerce will only try to use zone based shipping where a country is selected in this multi-select (or 'all' is selected)(the same applies to all shipping modules).

In the checkout process, the shipping/billing address dropdown is an eCommerce input that is made before eCommerce enters a shipping module, and will only allow/enter a shipping module if the selected country address matches the country multi-select for the shipping module.

To restrict the countries list, or put the countries for your regular customers at the top, you can override and edit the C5 countries list (and also the state/provinces):


To override these list files, see

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I now have a C5 pull request on GitHub to run the countries/states/provinces lists as serialised arrays vis the C5 Config database table.

When approved (hopefully for the upcoming C5.6), this means that addons can be developed to make these lists editable via the dashboard.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Just a short update.

the above did not get approved, but we now have some events in c5.6.1 that make it possible to respond to the lists being loaded and respond with modified lists.

At the moment, these lists are still sorted by the list helpers after they have been modified, making it impossible to change the sort order.

I have a pull request on Github to change this, so hopefully will allow event handlers to change the sort order.

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