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My edit button has disappeared when I login. I'm not a developer so at a bit of a loss despite having looked at various forum responses to others with this issue.
It seems to have happened since I got a Twitter token to feed into my footer.
I can get to dashboard via mysite.co.uk/index.php/dashboard/system
Any help much appreciated.

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formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

It is hard to say what is going on without seeing the actual site - do you have a URL please?

In terms of the 'Twitter Token' in your footer - is this added with 'Spcial Life' or an other service/add-on? It sounds like a script error if you have lost editing functions when logged in but need to see the site to be sure.

kaisenchief replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.
Sure - it'shttp://www.kaisendigital.co.uk

Thanks again.
formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
As suspected, you have a script error in your code.

You have...

</script<div id="fb-root"></div>

Should be...

</script><div id="fb-root"></div>

Notice the closed script tag in my example. You can have that one on the house ;)
kaisenchief replied on at Permalink Reply
Many thanks, Rob
kaisenchief replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - me again I'm afraid. I understand the simple fix required that you explained but can't find a way to do it. As I'm not a developer I can't work out how to get to the code when I can't see the edit button on any pages. Have tried rolling back versions to no avail. Can get to the dashboard by manually entering the url but still struggling. Tried the Chrome developer extension and can see the code but don't know how to amend. Looked at lots of forum posts but just can't figure it out. Very happy to pay you guys to fix ;). Thanks, Rob
formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
If you added this as a block then you should be able to directly access it in the database within the 'blocks' table. Not highly recommended to mess with databases like this but as a last resort I am not sure you have much option.

Make sure you back up your database and then edit it within MyPHPAdmin (or similar, whatever is available via your host) there should be a 'blocks' table and then within there look for the last block you added (highest number) and then edit the field. you should be abel to manually adjust the code from there and then save the field.

Hope this helps.
kaisenchief replied on at Permalink Reply
Really appreciate your help. Managed to get to myphpadmin through my host but can't see any ref to blocks. I'm way of my depth on this stuff and worried about screwing up something major. Found concrete5 and your Theme easy to use but getting into this stuff is beyond me. Can I pay you guys to sort this out for me? I can't afford to spend any more time on it. Thanks again. Rob
formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Rob,

If you are happy to provide your hosting log in with myPHPAdmin access then I can take a look. Not promising anything but if it is a quick fix then should be able to do it without charge.

kaisenchief replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Andy. VERY happy to do that. Should I supply on this message or is there a more secure way?
formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
Just PM us via concrete5. That should be OK. Don;t use the forum/support section though.
formigo replied on at Permalink Reply
I have just replied to your PM's.

Did you add the script in a block on the page or from the dashboard 'Tracking Codes' section or similar?

Can not see it in the blocks table currently... how did you add the script please?
kaisenchief replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually think the last thing I did before issue was adding Google Analytics code into tracking codes section from dashboard. That was the only thing I have done via dashboard prior to issue.
For Twitter feeds just entered tokens in block - didn’t add scripts. Seemed to work from just entering tokens generated from Twitter.
Does that help?
Tks, Rob

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