Arches Documentation - 


1. To begin installation, hover on the "Dashboard" button in the top right hand corner of the Concrete5 admin interface. 

2. Click on "Extend concrete5" 

3. Below "Awaiting Installation" there should be an icon with the title "Arches - 1.0" if you don't see this please contact me in a personal message through

4. Click "Install" to the right of the description

5. Hover on the "Dashboard" button in the top right hand corner of the Concrete5 admin interface. 

6. This time click "Pages & Themes" 

7. Find the "Arches Template" and click the blue "Activate" button. 

8. There will be a notice that states "Apply this theme to every page on your site?" Click the blue "ok" button and you have successfully Installed the Arches theme on every page of your new(or old) website! 


Customizing Text Colors:

1. Type in the Intelligent Search from the Concrete5 admin interface "themes"  click on "Themes" from the search results. 

2. Scroll down to the Arches Template and click the "Customize" button.

3. Select which part of the websites text color you'd like to change. (ex: paragraph tags, Sitewide Link Headings, etc…)

4. Once your websites text is the way you want it to look click "Save" 

*NOTE - Some people have a cache issues with this functionality. IF you aren't seeing your colors changes please do the following… 

a. Type in the Intelligent Search "clear cache" select the "Clear Cache" result from the Intelligent Search and click the button "Clear Cache" Your page will refresh

b. Clear your browsers cache on your computer. To do this really depends on your browser. Please use Google to learn how to do this by typing into Google "How to clear cache on ___ (insert browser here) (Ex: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera)"

c. Contact your server admin to have your server cache cleared. 


Customizing your sites background texture, heading fonts, and logo animation:


1. View the home page of your website by clicking the button on the top left hand corner of the Concrete5 admin interface that states "Return to Website". 

2. On your home page there should be a button in the Concrete5 admin interface that states "Theme Options".  Click this button and you will see a pop-up. 

3. In this pop-up interface you will see the three options to "Choose Background Image", Choose Heading Font", "Choose Logo Animation". 

4. Once you have your selections made click on "Save Theme Option". You will be notified to wait 3 seconds for the page to refresh. Once it refreshes you will see your choices go into effect! 

*NOTE - If you do not see the logo animation this is because this option only works with the "Home" page type. To change your page type to the "Home" page type do the following. 

a. Hover on the "Edit" button in the top left hand corner of the Concrete5 admin interface. 

b. Click the "Design" option which will provide you with a pop-up. 

c. In this pop-up interface under "Choose a Page Type" select "Home" then select the blue "Save" button in the bottom right hand side of the Concrete5 interface. 

d. Once you do this "exit edit mode" and save your changes. After this change you should see the logo animation.