How do I change the background image from the image of Paris?

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I want to change the background image to something more appropriate for my site. I went into page settings, attributes, body background image and inserted an image but nothing changed. Also I have ticked the Breadcrumb box but cannot see a breadcrumb showing on the page. Any help is apprecicated.

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tambopc replied on at Permalink Reply
Opps sorry - I have changed the background. I needed to publish the page then the image updated. Still need help with Breadcrumbs.
longki replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Phil,

Once you ticked the breadcrumb it should be working.
See screenshot

If see still persist can you provide me temporary access to your site to check the issue just sent PM on the credentials

tambopc replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John
All working good. I just needed to understand all the options.

Thanks again
tambopc replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John
Another quick one
How can I change the colours of the pages?

longki replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Hi Phil,

Just go to page settings, designs, theme customizer.
see screenshots.


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