Blank HTML5 Reset Template

This is a completely blank template for Concrete5 theme developers who want to build a theme with the HTML5 Reset template. See more at

Please note that this theme is geared towards people who design and develop themes and not towards people who are looking for a finished theme for their site.

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Some Optional Suggestions

  1. Most of the HTML5 Reset files are in a /_ directory. You may consider moving those files elsewhere or renaming the directory to something more semantic/understandable.
  2. If you would like to develop with this template, copy the "html5_reset" folder from "/packages/theme_htmlfive_reset/themes" to "/themes". After that, you can customize everything how you want it.


Version 2.2 - Files are now on Github. Updated lots of C5 code to be congruent with v5.5+. Some other discretionary updates. See the commit log for a full list of changes. 9/27/12.

Version 2.1 - Updated theme to be compatible with C5.5's new edit bar. 12/18/2011.

Version 2.01 - Updated theme to newest styles.css. Added dynamic language call via php to html tag. Changed semicolons to commas in mobile viewport. Updated functions.js to latest version on GitHub. 9-16-11.

Version 2.0 - Updated this theme to coincide with the recent template updates. Much improved! No more @imports for stylesheets, main.css houses the normal, mobile, and print stylesheets via media queries, cleaner directory structure, & much more. See the HTML5 Reset site for a full list of updates. Changed the marketplace license to be BSD along with the HTML5 Reset's license. Updated on 4-20-11.

See the Version History page for version 1 changes.

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