A background image-centric theme for sites that stress the visual.

Nine page types are installed automatically. See demo site to see how the various types function. A page attribute called "Background" is also installed. In the theme folder > images you will find the default background image called "image.jpg". You can leave this as is or change it to your preference for default background image.

There is a custom template for "Jacks Image Caption" available for free in the marketplace.

All pages have the ability to set the background image independently of all the other pages. To do this, choose "Page Properties" > "Custom Attributes" from the edit menu. Near the bottom of the  menu choose "Background Image" and select an image for your page.

On install you will most likely use the mobile friendly navigation built for this theme. Set your Global Nav area to show all subpages. Then select "Custom Template" and select the "Canticle Mobile Friendly" template.

The content will be hidden on page load and then fade in over 2 seconds. The code for this is in the footer.php and will be evident by the notation. You can remove the code between the notations to delete this functionality. 

The content boxes have their density set in the css. If you desire to change either of these values and don't know how, please contact me and I will help you.

Customizable items in the dashboard are: page background color, site name, nav color, link color, link hover color, text color.