Version History

Version 1.0 March 02, 2015

  • fixed nav breaks when item content exceeds one.
  • add customisation option for autonavs and links

Version 0.9.5 September 24, 2014 (FIRST RELEASE)

  • Added grid support for the blog content shipped with the c5 installer. 
  • Applied CSS edits to the header.

Version 0.9.4 September 24, 2014 (PRE-RELEASE VERSION)

  • Fixed bootstrap CSS conflict with popover arrows and breadcrumb divider on C5 UI.

Version 0.9.3 September 18, 2014 (PRE-RELEASE VERSION)

  • Added built-in block css support
  • Fixed Safari menu bug when resizing
  • Fixed CSS UI conflicts on C5 UI

Version 0.9.2 September 18, 2014 (PRE-RELEASE VERSION)

  • Tested for Compatibility with earlier version of Concrete 5 ( 
  • BUGFIX: Doesn't change core concrete5 editing UI
  • DESIGN: Changed 'submit' button style to make it more discernible from the search entry box
  • BUGFIX: removed 'charset' from header.php
  • BUGFIX: updated language parameter to use Concrete5 setting rather an a fixed value
  • BUGFIX: updated main.css to render images correctly
  • BUGFIX: made the 'lorum ipsum' messages in the footer editable
  • BUGFIX: removed redundant files from package 
  • BUGFIX: used default.php as home page type as well as the right sidebar pagetype.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed UI CSS errors when adding blocks.
  • OTHER: changed custom.js to use CSS instead.
  • OTHER: removed bootstrap.js as it was not being used by the theme
  • OTHER: deleted empty img and blocks folders