Charisma is a unique, democratic theme that can be used on a full fledged multipage site or a mini, one page site easily and effectively. Theme options are easily enabled or disabled for your site preferences.

There are four base images included and preinstalled for your use of this theme. It is not expected that these will in any way represent your final needs for a web site but simply included for demonstration purposes. To override these just put your images in the theme > images folder. They will need to be renamed to "image1.jpg", "image2.jpg", "image3.jpg", and "image4.jpg". These correspond to the four panels. There are currently four page types which are all basically a right sidebar with a full page area below.

The page types vary only in the number of panels included. 

This is a responsive, mobile ready theme. A mobile navigation is including for your use and is contained in a custom template called "Mobile Friendly". Simply select this template as your main auto nav block and your menu will automatically turn into a drop-down small screens. Everything else is handled for you in the layouts for smaller screens.

To use the Hero Units for text over your image windows.

For every panel in the page you are using there is an area just under it called "Hero". This is just a full page width area and useful for that in it's own right. If, however, you add a text block there will be a custom template available named "Hero Unit" Selecting this will move your text up into position over the panel image as shown on the demo site.


There is a limited built-in customization via the customization menu in the dashboard. Additionally you can select theme presets in the dashboard using a special dedicated control panel.

A One Page site

Aside from setting page attributes for each image area on a page, this theme also sets an option to not show the standard auto nav as pulled from the global area. Instead it loads an optional area for an included block called "Charisma One Page Nav".

Setting this up is a breeze. The links for the page are already in place. Simply put in the text as you want each section to appear. This block is built with the 4 Panel page style in mind. There are four link areas.

Keep in mind that without an auto nav for the whole site built in, you will have to create a link back to your main site, if you desire. Using this option on the home page is only recommended if you are planning on a one page site. All of your sub pages will be inaccesible to end users unless you specifically set up a manual link or an auto nav block elsewhere on your page.

Administrators can always reach any page in the site by using the dashboard site map.

See the demo site for all the details: