Change User Profile Code from footer to block and "Waiting for Me Issue"

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I just changed the footer code from the old ver. to the v8 version. Now the User Account Icon is located at the footer and covers the old "log out" link which is partially visible).
1. How do I remove the old version "log out" from showing up behind the new code that provide the edit profile icon?
2. Is there a way to put the Edit Profile/Account in a block? or move to the site wide Header area?
3. ISSUE: When I log in as a regular registered user and click on the profile/Account Icon I get the "Waiting for me" link (which is an admin thing? or am I wrong?) I would like to remove the "Waiting for Me" for regular User Profiles. (see attached screen shot)

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi w2f,

This is not a new theme, the features and functions of Cloneamental are an exact copy of the default Elemental theme. All questions, bug reports, fixes, and other support requests should be made in the forum and bug tracker, please.

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