Google fonts

Hi there, I have used your theme to create the site I have made a couple of modifications but have some questions bwlow I was hoping you could help with: 1. Google fonts My client wants to change the header font…

Header & Footer Color

Hi, Is it possible to change the header and footer color? Thanks, Sammie

Add portfolio sections

Hi, I would like to know how can I add new portfolio header sections. I currently have a page with 19 Portfolio sections but I would like to add new ones to the page. How can I do that? Thanks

Extending the header?

Hi, Sorry if this has been covered else where, however I am new to concrete5 and have just purchased this template to re-do my current website and after looking everywhere, can't seem to find an answer.... I'm wanting to extend the area in the header if …

Navigation Menu

Hi, I just installed this theme, and trying to adjust the website to fit the new theme, but for some reason navigation menu is not showing up anywhere. Any ideas why?


Hi all Yep, me again. I would like to edit the footer. I have had a look at the footer.php and the only item I would lie to change is the site name (in quotes), Sign In to Edit this Site ©2013 "Images by Glenn (Glenn Crawford)". Built with concrete5 - …

Pages & fonts

Hello again Sorry for what may seem as stupid questions, but I am very much a newbie to this. My questions are 1. How do I access the Left Sidebar Page, Full Width Page and Blog Entry Page? When I go into Design to choose a page type, I only have acce…

Shadow on home page slideshow

Hello all Can anyone help me as to why the shadow on the bottom of the slideshow image would only be showing on one side. I have gone back into the custom template settings and it is the same as in the instructions. Website is A…

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